Back Painted Glass

Glasstech Color Coated glass creates a rich, colorful beauty, a long-life practicality, and incredible design possibilities. Our process incorporates the most advanced technology, enabling us to deliver a virtually limitless palette of colors and textures. Glasstech colors can be fused to practically any type of glass, opening a world of new and exciting applications. Glasstech Color Coated glass can be used for exterior cladding, interior feature walls, bathrooms, kitchen and laundry backsplashes, countertops, and table tops. Glasstech Color Coated glass is produced using only the most stable and fade-resistant coatings.

imageAll Glasstech color coatings are environmentally sound, an added benefit. Our production method utilizes specialty paints which minimize VOC emissions and are isocyanate-free. The end result is 100% VOC-free, environmentally-friendly and safe product with stable durable coatings formulated and applied to last for years.

Colors can be fused to practically any type of glass for exterior cladding, interior feature walls, bathroom, kitchen and laundry backsplashes, as well as furniture.

  • Unlimited color options, including metallics
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Durable color coatings
  • Variety of surface options
  • Can be tempered
  • Can be laminated
  • Large sheet sizes