Chairman’s Message

Chairman's Message

As Chairman and founder of Glasstech welcome you to Glasstech’ and I would like to take the opportunities to share a few thoughts.

The current economic times is challenging for our industry. However, within glasstech, we are rich in employee experience and professionalism. This experience and professionalism to makes us the market leader in Architectural glass, Aluminium and cladding in the UAE.

The glasstech team is committed to do is geared to maximizing value for our customers. Aiming to build lasting alliances with our customers, we offer cost-effective production solutions with groundbreaking technology, quality, reliability, professional product support and services.

We strongly believe that the honesty and transparency is the secret of real business success. Our corporate strategy comprises specific objectives on how we do our business (premium positioning, brand and product policy, organizational structure etc.) And what quantitative goals we have set ourselves for a medium term time frame (sales volume and gross profit etc.).

Our success is your success .With your support we will build Glasstech as a market leader in this field. We are looking forward to great success.

Best regards,

Eng.Jaber H.Al khyeli